ABM Benefits Children with:

▪Autism Spectrum Disorder
▪Cerebral Palsy
▪Stroke and brain injury
▪Genetic disorders (Down syndrome, Fragile X,
       Angleman’s syndrome)
▪Global developmental delay
▪Brachial plexus injury
▪Learning disabilities

The  Anat Baniel Method is a science-based approach to maximize your child's potential.  Through gentle movement and the application of the Nine Essentials,  the method uses the brain's remarkable ability to change and learn, providing the tools for children with special needs to overcome their limitations.  Rather than focusing on limitations, the method wakes up the child's brain to make new connections that can lead to spontaneous breakthroughs in movement, self-regulation, thinking and connecting with others.  

The best outcomes are often the result of a series of sessions.   A series is 5 to 10 sessions clustered within one or two weeks.  The frequency is often greater when your child first begins, and as they become familiar with the process the frequency can decrease and we will create a plan for continuing that's right for your child.

  ABM: Promoting Brain Development in Children

              ABM: Children with Special Needs

                       ABM:  Kids Beyond Limits