ABM Benefits Adults with:

▪Chronic back, shoulder and neck pain
▪Repetitive strain injury
▪Traumatic brain injury
▪Balance and coordination issues
▪Limitation and recovery from injury and surgery
▪Sensory disorders
▪Migrane headaches
▪Neurological disorders (Parkinson's,
     Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Autism,
     ADHD, etc)

The NeuroMovement approach of Anat Baniel Method can be applied across the spectrum, from  high-performing adults to people with aches and pains or traumatic injuries, to adults with special needs.   In all cases the fundamental principle is the same:  tapping into the brain's own power to change and upgrade itself.

The best outcomes are often the result of a series of sessions.   A series is 5 to 10 sessions clustered within one or two weeks.  The frequency is often greater when you  first begin, and as you become familiar with the process the frequency can decrease and we will create a plan for continuing that's right for you.

          ABM:  Pain Relief from Tension, Aches
                               & Chronic Pain

            ABM:  Treatment for Traumatic Brain
                               Injury & Stroke

       ABM: Increase Vitality, Enhance Movement
                        and Improve Your Mind